Lighthouse Family Services believes in the importance of providing a developmentally appropriate approach to creating the learning environment and planning activities along with the core competency of the Montessori approach that supports the notion of facilitating learning experiences that allow children to have a freedom of choice to self-select activities and learning in order to encourage intrinsic motivation, sustained attention and allows the children to work at their own pace.

The combination of the two approaches allows for the facilitation of a child-directed learning and engagement that is supported by the design and flow of the classroom, the provision engaging learning materials, and the facilitation of strategically planned lessons designed to challenge children to explore and experience the world through hands-on learning experiences. In addition, our approach helps teachers and caregivers be intentional about the daily experience they provide, while giving them the flexibility to respond to the changing interest, abilities, and needs of the children in their care.

Learning through play is an essential component of our curriculum and allows children the opportunity to engage directly with materials that are intentionally and strategically placed to encourage curiosity and manipulation. The environment and learning activities are planned intentionally to expand children’s knowledge and skills.

“The Creative Curriculum” is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that features inquiry, exploration, and discovery as the foundation of all learning. “The Creative Curriculum” brings meaningful interactions and learning to life! “The Creative Curriculum” is designed to help develop secure attachments through developmentally appropriate resources that allow them to gain confidence as learners.

Montessori education is student-led and self-paced but guided, assessed, and enriched by knowledgeable and caring teachers, the leadership of their peers, and a nurturing environment. Given the freedom and support to question, probe deeply, and make connections, Montessori students grow up to be confident, enthusiastic, and self-directed learners and citizens, accountable to both themselves and their community.

The combination of the two approaches allows for following the interests of children and planning activities that are individualized & meaningful and designed to challenge children to explore and experience the world through hands-on learning experiences.


Each classroom is set up with key areas of learning in the Montessori environment including; Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, and Culture. Children learn many skills while engaging in the different areas.

  • Practical life include dressing, washing and increased positive social interactions.
  • Fine Motor in sorting objects, they separate them according to similarities and differences. Classifying and sorting activities help children to develop a range of thinking skills and build the foundations for later problem-solving.
  • Language & Literacy is based on phonetic awareness. Children work through specific hands-on and tactile language materials such as the sandpaper letters to the moveable alphabet. Language is not an isolated topic but runs through the curriculum. The spoken language is the foundation for writing and then reading. In addition, children will acquire knowledge of print and its uses (books and other texts), knowledge of the alphabet.
  • Mathematics is developed with the use of concrete learning materials. Hands-on materials are used. Each exercise builds upon another, and the child gradually moves to from concrete to abstract areas such as place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions.
  • Culture allows the child to explore the natural world around them.
  • The Arts includes dance, music and visual art.


Effective, nurturing, and responsive teaching practices and interactions are key for all learning in early childhood settings. Positive & nurturing relationships lead to trust and emotional security which is an important ingredient in setting the stage for exciting learning experiences.

  • Emphasize nurturing and responsive practices, interactions and environments that foster trust and emotional security
  • Be communication and language rich
  • Promote critical thinking and problem-solving; social, emotional, behavioral, and language development
  • Support all children’s engagement in learning experiences and activities
  • Integrate child assessment data in individual and group planning
  • Include developmentally appropriate learning experiences in language, literacy, social and emotional development, math, science, social studies, creative arts, and physical development


Our classrooms are designed to make learning fun, providing students with an safe space for learning and plenty of opportunities for exploration. The classroom is safe, secure and stimulating – helping to foster a perfect place for children to create, explore and thrive. We believe that a safe and secure setting and nurturing relationships with responsive and respectful adults provides the perfect conditions for learning. These strong, positive connections help children establish a capacity for trust, competence, and independence that helps them grow as students and people.

Learning through play is an essential component of our curriculum, and allows children the opportunity to engage directly with materials that are intentionally and strategically placed to encourage curiosity and manipulation.


Our program is staffed by teachers who possess the training; skills and passion to create engaging and cheerful learning environments that help children reach their full potential. Recognizing that staff recruiting and training, as well as retention, play an important part in the success of our program, we ensure that each of our teachers receives in- depth training, meets national accreditation standards, and engages in ongoing professional development to continually enhance their skills and knowledge.
High-quality professional development (PD) that teachers are prepared and able to implement quality practices based on the most current research and professional guidelines. Lighthouse Family Services is committed to ensuring quality early childhood services.

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