Lighthouse Family Services is committed to providing quality early education experiences to the youngest members of our community and to serve a critical role in providing support to families in encouraging healthy growth and development as well as serve as a resource to families.


Success: To succeed in their full potential, our children and families must recognize themselves as individuals and reliable members of a larger community, aware and stimulated to make a mark in the world that they will be remembered by in positive changes they can offer with what we have taught them!

Compassion: We provide deep empathy and a safe, caring environment that enriches and supports each life we touch.

Opportunity: We believe in providing education and information that is designed to promote healthy cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional development, and encourage and inspire a love of learning and discovering while creating learners who are critical thinkers and problem solvers, encouraging children and families to reach their full potential for lifelong success.

Respect: We believe that a culture of inclusiveness is rooted in respect and understanding.

Equity: We believe that all children and families can learn and be successful, regardless of race, color, or family income and should have equitable access to quality programming that lays the foundation for a stronger tomorrow.

Lighthouse Family Services is uniquely positioned to address the strengths as well as the needs of children and families that may create barriers to learning and development by connections to services that promote holistic development. Research has highlighted that integrated systems of support can improve child and family achievement.


At the heart of our organization lies a commitment to strengthening and supporting families. Our goal is to empower children and families to navigate the world with confidence. We believe that everyone can fulfill their potential through self discovery while recognizing their role within a larger, supportive community, and leaving a lasting, positive impact through the changes they bring. At the core, we are dedicated to providing a healthy and safe learning environment where our youngest community members can learn and grow while offering parents and opportunity to build networks through the development of programs designed to support individual needs.


Dr. Chanda Huston
Exec Director (NED)

Chanda Huston is an Early Childhood Development Specialist with extensive experiences in working with directly with children and families. With over 20 years of Early Childhood Education Leadership experience, Dr Huston has successfully developed and supported early childhood programs across NYC.

A Brooklyn native, Dr Huston is proud to serve as a founding member of The Lighthouse Family Services team. Dr. Huston’s role is to serve as both a source of ongoing advice & support. 

Chanda has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Child & Family Development/Early  Education from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a Doctorate of  Management in Organizational Leadership.

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